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Make Government Work for You.

Proven changemaker and consultant Amanda Sussman works with organizations and individuals with inspired ideas for social change.

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Founded by Canadian author, speaker, and strategist Amanda Sussman, The Art of the Possible Consulting transforms idealism into action to realize tangible results. Through a method first outlined in Amanda’s book, The Art of the Possible: A Handbook for Political Activism (2007), we help clients work across party lines to achieve real results. Tested and refined over 15 years, The Art of the Possible method bridges the gap between Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, multilateral and non-governmental organizations and the people they represent to drive change and improve lives.


A New On-line Platform Offering Your Blueprint to Change the World.

Introducing an online school offering a Master Course in the Art of the Possible method, with comprehensive webinars and training providing the best collective advice from those on the inside of government to those on the outside seeking change.

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The Art of the Possible Method is Proven to Have an Impact That Changes the World.

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Developing Nation-Wide Advocacy Strategies

Working with Amanda demystified the process of how to influence policy change. She showed us that the door was open and we took it from there to win amendments to the law we sought to change. Amanda was inspiring as she helped us put our strategy and tactics together, her explanations were thorough and clear. We highly recommend her to any organization!

Lisa Valencia-Svenssonformer ED, Racial Equity Media Collective

I accomplished more working with Amanda in our first meeting than in any previous working relationship of similar nature. She immediately understood the needs of our team as well as the needs of our larger organization. Amanda has an incredible ability to work at the macro level as well as to strategically apply that work to a big picture strategy.

Kelly MasottiVice President, Advocacy Canadian Cancer Society

Amanda Sussman, an activist and fervent advocate for human rights and social justice with extensive experience both within and outside government, is someone who has walked the talk. This is an inspiring and pragmatic guide for individuals and civil society organizations seeking to make a real difference in government.

Lloyd AxworthyChair, World Refugee Council

Rarely have I come across someone as talented and effective as Amanda. No one knows better how to leverage the power of advocacy. I had the honour of partnering with Amanda to influence the 2018 G7 development agenda, which resulted in $3.8 billion committed to Girls’ Education – the largest single commitment in history.

Caroline RiseboroPresident and CEO, Trillium Health Partners Foundation

Amanda Sussman’s book offers thoughtful and very concrete advice as to how organizations can best ensure that their key concerns are heard by the right people at the right time, leading to the sorts of changes that are so absolutely necessary.

Alex NeveSecretary General, Amnesty International Canada Designer

Amanda is clear and practical in her communications and strategic recommendations, which is remarkable given the complexity of the issues that she is being asked to advise on. In our work together thus far, these attributes have enabled her to deliver beyond our expectations.

Ariel SillerChief Executive Officer, Canadian Children's Literacy Foundation

This book is a useful tool for anyone seeking to promote change through government action. Its author, Amanda Sussman, is particularly qualified to guide the citizen through the labyrinth of parliamentary procedures, governmental practices and the bureaucracy.

Bill GrahamP.C., Q.C.