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The Art of the Possible:

A Handbook for Political Activism

Amanda Sussman is the author of The Art of the Possible: A Handbook for Political Activism. Since it was published in 2007, the Art of the Possible Method has been used to achieve policy change on a wide range of issues across sectors.

Cutting across party lines, it can be used by individuals, organizations, or those working in government to build consensus and deliver change on the issues people care about the most. The Art of the Possible enables constructive engagement with those we elect to represent our views, strengthening our democracy in the process.

In the book, Amanda argues the notion that the government is open only to a few is a myth. In fact, our political system is incredibly accessible, but the misguided belief that people can only participate through elections is threatening our democracy. Democracy is not only for the well-funded, the entrenched, or the few.

If we are interested in seeing actual changes to policy, we need more reformers. Rather than rejecting government, The Art of the Possible demonstrates how working through government can be the most direct route to social progress. Having an impact is possible. It is a matter of knowing how government works and making sure your point of view is presented how and when it counts.

Through extensive interviews with insiders such as Joe Clark and Jack Layton, and outsiders such as Alex Neve (Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada), Amanda offers the most comprehensive step-by-step advice on how and when to make the strongest possible argument for a cause.

You can use these free tools to implement the Art of the Possible method for your cause or organization now. You can also purchase the book and/or contact Amanda to learn more about her consulting services.